Android Studio Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Alt + Enter Auto Import
Alt + Insert Generate code (Override Methods, Constructor)
Ctrl + P Show method for method (Parameter Hints)
Ctrl + O Implement methods
Ctrl + R Replace a text
Ctrl + W Select successively increasing code blocks (Press these keys repeatedly to expand the selection, The opposite command is Ctrl + Shift + W)
Ctrl + / Comment/uncomment with line comment (//...)
Ctrl + Shift + / Comment/uncomment with block comment (/*...*/)
Ctrl + Alt + I Auto-indent lines
Ctrl + Alt + L Reformat code
Ctrl + Alt + T Surround with (if...else / try...catch / etc.)
Ctrl + Shift+ U Toggle Case (Invert Upper/Lower Case)
Shift + F6 Rename and refactor
Shift+ F10 Build and run

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